Question: What is necessary/required to admit someone to the Nursing Home?

Answer: You must be admitted under a doctor’s care and require a minimum level of care. A physical and tuberculosis screening is also needed before admission.


Question: What are the levels of care provided at the Keystone Nursing Care Center?

Answer: 240 hour skilled nursing care with the option of going home is a popular option. In addition we offer nursing facility care paid for privately or with Medicaid benefits.


Question: What documents will I need to provide upon admission?

Answer: Documents needed prior to entry include a Medicare card, Social Security card, medical supplemental care and any pharmacy care cards. We also need a copy of the Durable Power of Attorney for medical decisions, Living Will and the financial general power of attorney. This makes sharing of medical information possible with that person, but it also limits our ability to share information with other family members.


Question: What are the visiting hours?

Answer: The suggested hours are 9:00am to 9:00pm, however guest may visit at any time.


Question: Do you accept long term care insurance?

Answer: Yes, we work closely with all parties involved to provide the proper paperwork and information required for reimbursement.


Question: What are the costs associated with nursing home care?

Answer: A rate sheet is part of the admission packet. The resident will be billed for the resident’s remainder of the month of admission. Statements are mailed to private pay residents by the first of the month, so you pay for the upcoming month.


Question: What about medications? Can I bring the prescription bottles we have at home?

Answer: Except for residents receiving VA medications, all other medications must use a unit dose system to administer the medication in an organized and controlled manner. Cornerstone Apothecary, package the unit dose system on a monthly basis for our residents. No other over the counter medications are allowed (Ex: Tylenol, cough medicine, vitamins) we can get these for the resident, but they must be under a doctor’s order, properly labeled and administered by our staff.


Question: What about a television and telephone?

Answer: Residents need to provide their own television and telephone if they so desire. Cable television is provided free by the facility, however phone and internet is provided by the local telephone company (Keystone Communications).


Question: What about furnishing the rooms?

Answer: The room comes with a hospital bed, nightstand, and wardrobe closet and over the bed table. We encourage the families to make the room personal. Families may bring in a favorite recliner and family pictures. Things not to bring include, throw rugs, doorstops, extension cords, aerosol cans or sharp objects.